About Us

Principal Investigator Dr Kim Sloan.
Curator, Department of Prints and Drawings and Francis Finlay Curator of the Enlightenment Gallery, The British Museum.

Co-Investigator Dr Julianne Nyhan.
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), Department of Information Studies, UCL.

Senior Research Assistant Dr Martha Fleming.
Project Manager and Research Co-ordinator, Sloane Consortium (BM, BL, NHM).

Postdoctoral Research Assistant Dr Victoria Pickering.
The British Museum.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant Dr Alexandra Ortolja-Baird.
The British Museum.

PhD Candidate Deborah Leem.


We are incredibly grateful to all the following fantastic MA students from UCL and KCL who have undertaken internships and work placements with the Enlightenment Architectures Project:

Megan Augustin

Marta Baldracchi

Daniel Cesarani

Laura Davidson

Marco Humbel

Matthew Kingston

Tiange Li

Mengyu Liu

Xinyun Liu

Katya Moffatt

Jaclyn Shankel

Hui Xiong


Funded by Leverhulme, October 2016 to October 2019

With the collaboration of:
British Museum and UCL Centre for Digital Humanities


The Enlightenment Architectures site was built and is managed by Alexandra Ortolja-Baird.


Picture Credit: Maria Sibylla Merian, The life cycle of the butterfly and the moth, from an album of 160 drawings entitled ‘Merian’s Drawings of European Insects &c’; with examples of two caterpillars and two chrysalises on a white-flowered stem, a beetle on a leaf Watercolour and bodycolour, on vellum, from Sir Hans Sloane’s Collection, The British Museum.